Chemotherapy - drug effects on malignant tumors, which is based on the use of cytotoxic drugs. These drugs prevent cell division and the strongest effect on the rapidly and constantly growing tumor tissue and metastases.

The method is effective in the treatment of cancer: leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma, with formations in the digestive system, bladder, lungs, etc. It is also used as part of a combination treatment: when prescribing surgery or radiation therapy.

The oncology center «Sophia» on the basis of the clinic «Medicina» you can get a new generation of chemotherapy drugs with reduced toxic effect to facilitate portability procedure.


Code Name Price (RUB)
B01.027.001 Oncologist consultaiton, treat/diagn, first, outpatient 7 130
B01.027.001.001 Oncologist consultation, house call 13 220
B01.027.001.002 Oncologist-Mammologist consultation, ther/diag, first, outpt 7 130
B01.027.001.003 Oncologist consultation of patient undergoing PET-CT examination under Compulsory Health Insurance policy 5 240
B01.027.001.004 Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-онколога-дерматолога первичный 7 130
B01.027.002 Oncologist consultation, treat/diagn, follow-up, outpatient 6 600
B01.027.002.001 Oncologist-Mammologist consultation, ther/diag, follow-up, outpt 6 600
B01.027.002.004 Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-онколога-дерматолога повторный 6 600
B01.027.004 Second opinion of Oncologist specialist 5 240
B01.027.004.001 Oncology Board of Doctors with participation of external Consultant 19 410
B01.027.005 Oncology consillium 11 540
B04.027.001 Oncologist consultation, brief, outpatient 5 090
A25.30.045 Chemotherapeutic treatment 6 020
A25.30.045.001 Complex treatment of a patient with chemotherapeutic profile 1 session (3 hours) without the cost of chemotherapeutic drugs 35 600
A25.30.045.002 Complex treatment of a patient with chemotherapeutic profile 1 session (6 hours) without the cost of chemotherapeutic drugs 41 800
B01.027.004.002 Oncological consultation with the doctors of the cancer center with the involvement of the leading specialist of the Russian Federation, on-line 26 300
B01.027.004.003 Oncological consultation by the doctors of the cancer center, on-line 11 920

How is the treatment going

Depending on the recommendations of the oncologist, chemotherapy sessions are conducted in various ways: in the form of an intravenous drip or orally. The medicine acts on all tumor foci, including metastases. The course of treatment is individual and varies in duration. As a rule, it amounts to a few days, after which a break is taken.

During one round therapy, the oncologist regularly examines, evaluates the effectiveness of treatment and the patient's condition, and if necessary, adjusts the course scheme.

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Side effects

Each patient undergoes chemotherapy sessions individually. To the common side effects include:

  • hair loss;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • the appearance of dry skin and brittle nails;
  • loss of appetite;
  • weakness or fatigue;
  • disorders of urination and stool;
  • depression;
  • disorder of memory and attention.

Some side effects can be minimized by special preparations. To reduce hair loss using a special cold cap, which must be worn before, during and after the procedure. In some cases, the slow administration of drugs is provided - over several hours. For fragile veins, a catheter is placed through which chemotherapy drugs can be injected regularly.

After completing the course you need to be regularly monitored to prevent the later side effects or relapse.

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