Effective treatment of bronchitis

Bronchitis is one of the common problems of our time. Every person came across it. Constant wet cough and shortness of breath - this is how it’s expressed. Residents break spears on whether bronchitis is contagious. But to draw any conclusions, it should first be taken into account that this affliction is only a symptom caused by a variety of infections and illnesses. Getting into the bronchi, they create a microflora there, contributing to the restructuring of the organ. This entails increased sputum formation and reduces the function of the self-cleaning of the bronchi.

Bronchitis is a fairly common affliction. If it was caused by a viral route, then ideal conditions for the reproduction of the virus are created. And with a bark, which is certainly present in this disease, a person, along with sputum and breathing, releases whole colonies of the virus. If there are people with weak immunity nearby, this will certainly lead to infection. Even if the patient hides behind a hand or turns away when coughing, this will not prevent microorganisms from finding a new owner. It’s impossible to get rid of illness on your own, in most cases. First, you need to deal with the cause of its occurrence, and only then - with the sickness itself.

Types of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi

Bronchitis is divided into many different types. And each of them corresponds to one or another characteristic:

  • Acute. Most often manifests itself in winter, when organisms are most vulnerable to various types of colds. In this case, the cough gradually flows from dry to wet with the appearance of sputum. The color of sputum changes from white to green, and vice versa;
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Most often observed in smokers. It proceeds constantly, but exacerbations periodically occur, accompanied by increased sputum separation and fever.
  • Also, subspecies are isolated from bronchitis. So, for the acute form, this is:
  • The causes of such pathology. Mixed, allergic, infectious, bacterial and the effects of inhalation exposure;
  • Ways of development. Primary (appeared as an independent illness) and secondary (caused by other factors - sickness, viruses, etc.);
  • Place of development. Tracheobronchitis, illness of the middle bronchi and bronchiolitis;
  • Allocations. Purulent and catarrhal (mucus is secreted);
  • Respiratory failure. Unobstructed and obstructive. In the second case, difficulty breathing is pronounced;
  • Leakage. Prolonged and relapsing.

The chronic form can be primary and secondary. Caused by third-party diseases, or is an independent form. Also, this pathology differs in location. Affliction may be: catarrhal, purulent and mixed. Don’t forget about obstruction, because not in each case, this symptom manifests itself. Also, it differs in location in the organ at proximal and distal.

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Symptoms of bronchitis

The main thing, as you can understand, is that your or child bronchitis is a persistent cough. It does not pass a few days. In this case, the temperature and other parameters of the body may be normal. Convulsive exhalation with wheezing can be of two types: dry and wet. For this patology, a transition from a dry to wet is also characteristic. And if bronchitis is acute, then the patient is tormented by severe attacks of bark.

In addition to coughing, several other symptoms make it easy to identify sickness:

  • Chest pain;
  • Dyspnea;
  • Wheezing when listening, which is sometimes heard without the use of equipment;
  • Decrease in working capacity and fast fatigue;
  • Chills;
  • Elevated body temperature (about 38-39 degrees Celsius);
  • Increased sweating.

The main thing when detecting all these signs is not to panic and not to self-medicate. It can only harm. It’s better to immediately consult a competent doctor who will prescribe an effective treatment.

Specialists of our center

Our center provides a full range of services for the treatment. Highly qualified doctors are receiving, effectively diagnosing bronchitis and prescribing therapy to cure it. Doctors have a continuous, ongoing practice over many years. Moreover, they regularly attend continuing education courses where they are trained in the most modern methods of treatment and determination of respiratory diseases. Doctors have at their disposal modern equipment and safe antibiotics that allows them to work not only efficiently, but also quickly.

Clients of our center note the high quality of treatment. Besides, the therapy in each case is selected individually so that the health damage caused by pharmaceuticals is minimized. Patients who have undergone our treatment note how effective it was. Subsequently, they recommend that their friends and acquaintances contact us.

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