Colonoscopy is a method of endoscopic diagnosis, which can be used to detect neoplasms in the intestine. Thanks to colonoscopy, colorectal cancer is timely detected and successfully treated. This diagnostic procedure is widely used throughout the world. It is a reliable method of controlling colorectal cancer. And the modern capsule technique ensures minimal discomfort and intrusion into the patient's body.


At the JSC "Medicine" (Academician Roytberg Clinic), colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy and other types of diagnostics are performed to obtain reliable information about the condition of the intestine. Their cost depends on the amount of diagnostics performed and other factors. Gastrointestinal examinations are now possible without pain or discomfort. Therefore, we recommend that you do not delay a visit to the diagnostic department of our multidisciplinary medical center, especially if your doctor sees indications for colonoscopy and other examinations.

Indications and preparation for colonoscopy

Colonoscopy, including capsule one, is performed in the presence of the following indications:

  • when colorectal disease is suspected;
  • in the presence of gastrointestinal bleeding in order to identify its cause;
  • to remove polyps and other benign neoplasms;
  • to coagulate bleeding sources;
  • to relieve intestinal congestion;
  • as part of a preventive examination for people who are over 50 years old.

Depending on the section of the intestine to be examined, the doctor may prescribe a capsule endoscopy. It can be done in one day; as a rule, a capsule endoscopy usually takes 10-12 hours, which the patient must spend in the medical center. This colonoscopy can detect abnormalities in such parts of the small intestine that are inaccessible to other methods of examination. Capsule endoscopy is when the patient swallows a disposable capsule, which is then passed through the entire gastrointestinal tract. As it passes, the capsule takes several shots per second and exits the body naturally. The capsule can identify the cause of:

  • gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • prolonged diarrhea accompanied by weight loss;
  • abdominal pain.

In addition, capsule endoscopy is necessary in cases of suspected Crohn's disease, non-specific ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, tumors and polyps of the small intestine. With capsule endoscopy, parts of the intestine that cannot be examined any other way are available for examination. This allows the cause of the disorder to be diagnosed and the disease to be treated. Colonoscopy is performed using a biopsy, during which the doctor takes suspicious areas of the mucosa for analysis. Capsule endoscopy does not provide this option.

Preparation is done depending on the type of diagnostic and the capsule used. And the price depends on a number of factors.



  • capsule endoscopy is not performed in patients under 16 and over 70 years of age, pregnant women, and those who have a pacemaker;
  • colonoscopy is not performed in patients in shock, with myocardial infarction, peritonitis;
  • gastroscopy is not performed in cases of cardiac aneurysms, aortic aneurysms, cardiac rhythm disorders and severe cardiac or respiratory insufficiency.

Our doctors will guide you through all the preparation steps, identify any contraindications and suggest the best diagnostic algorithm for your particular case. Our prices allow you to check your entire intestine, using capsules and other modern equipment, in a single visit. If you would like to have a colonoscopy in Moscow, please contact us.

Colonoscopy procedure

In our center colonoscopy is carried out in strict accordance with medical standards and according to a certain algorithm:

  • Any colonoscopy requires preliminary intestinal cleansing, for which the patient takes a laxative and refrains from eating.
  • Anesthetists put the patient into a medical sleep, a state of light anaesthesia in which there is no pain.
  • Using a colonoscope, the doctor examines the rectum and part of the small intestine, the intestinal mucosa at the exit, and biopsies suspicious areas that are identified by staining.
  • If the doctor finds adenomas, polyps or other neoplasms during the checkup, he/she can remove them right away. The removed fragments are sent for mandatory histological analysis. The operation itself is non-invasive and does not require an incision, as the colonoscopy is performed through the natural physiological opening.

A gastroscopy can also be performed at the same time - painlessly and unnoticed by the patient in medically supervised sleep. A capsule endoscopy is also performed in the clinic under medical supervision.

After the colonoscopy and examination by the doctor, the patient can leave the clinic and lead a normal life.

Advantages of treatment at the JSC "Medicina" Clinic

With the help of our center, you can have a gastrointestinal examination in Moscow at any convenient time, receive specialist advice and recommendations on the results of the procedure. Our patients receive the following advantages:

  • attendant services;
  • the opportunity to have a colonoscopy on modern equipment;
  • no queues;
  • access to test results via the internet;
  • the use of a mobile application, a personal patient account on the website;
  • the presence of a supervising physician;
  • attention to wishes of our patients.

We have comfortable modern rooms and everything necessary to ensure that patients receive all the benefits of paid medicine at an optimal cost.

Benefits of the clinic

At the JSC Medicine Center (Academician Roitberg Clinic) in Moscow you can get vaccinated with three vaccines: Sputnik V, Sputnik Light and CoviVac.

Each patient who has been vaccinated in two stages against the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 at the JSC Medicina is given a special badge "Immunity against COVID-19 is confirmed".

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The clinic is located in the center of Moscow in a 5-minute walk from underground stations. Two large buildings combine clinic, dentistry, emergency department, pharmacy, laboratory, where patients can test the urine and establish the presence and concentration of any microelement.

Doctors who perform colonoscopy

You can book an appointment with the best medical specialists in our clinic. Our doctors carry out their work according to international standards and have extensive experience in working and conducting intestinal examinations.

To be examined, sign up using the online form or contact us by any convenient way.

Врач Aleksandr Shelepov
Experience 15 year
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Врач Ekaterina Morozova
Experience 21 year
Pediatrician, PhD (Medicine), member of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia
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Врач Karen Mkrtchyan
Urologist Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of the European Association of Urology and the Russian Society of Urological Oncology
Experience 16 year
Urologist Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of the European Association of Urology and the Russian Society of Urological Oncology
To make an appointment
Врач Mariya Grinberg
Dental therapist
Experience 30 year
Dental therapist, member of the International Dentistry Association (IDA)
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Врач Olga Berezhko
General practitioner
Experience 38 year
Board Certified General Practitioner (Highest Category), member of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine
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Врач Sergey Bykov
Experience 20 year
Allergologist (immunologist), PhD (Medicine), member of the Russian Association of Allergologists and Clinical Immunologists
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Врач Sergey Tarabarin
Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, European society of surgery
Experience 43 year
Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, European society of surgery Doctor of the highest category, professor, member of the Moscow Surgical Society.
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Врач Yury Chernov
MR imaging (MRI), SPECT
Experience 45 year
Board certified physician (Highest Category in Radiology), member of the European Society of Radiology
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The cost of the examination depends on the type of anaesthetic used and other factors. You can find the prices in the table below. Colonoscopy is an informative modern diagnostic procedure that can prolong life and improve its quality.

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