CT scan of the sinuses

Computed tomography of the sinuses is a type of X-ray used to assess the condition of the paranasal sinuses and diagnose diseases and injuries in this area of ​​the body. CT scan of the sinuses is actively used in otolaryngology to identify pathological formations and signs of inflammation.

Possibilities of CT scan of sinuses

Examining the sinuses with computed tomography can solve many medical problems. Such diagnostics are used to identify the causes of breathing disorders, chronic rhinitis, frequent sinusitis. CT scan easily detects polyps, tumors, traumatic injuries of the walls of the sinuses and allows you to select the most effective treatment methods.

Computed tomography is often used to diagnose purulent-inflammatory lesions of the paranasal sinuses.

Indications for CT of the sinuses:

  • impossibility of radiography;
  • ingress of small foreign objects into the nasal cavity;
  • persistent headaches of unknown origin;
  • facial trauma;
  • suspicion of tumor-like processes in the nose;
  • recurrent course of sinusitis, sinusitis;
  • difficulty nasal breathing;
  • cystic formations in the nasal cavity;
  • preparation for surgery on the face, sinuses;
  • monitoring the results of treatment.

Contraindications for CT scan of the sinuses:

  • lactation period, pregnancy.

Contrast enhancement

In the case of tumor lesions of the sinuses, computed tomography is performed using a contrast agent. It is injected into a vein. As a rule, iodine-based products are used for strengthening. Before using contrast, the patient should warn the doctor about the presence of allergic reactions to this drug.

Preparing for a CT scan of the sinuses

CT scan of the sinuses does not require preparation.

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