One of the areas of cryotherapy, or liquid nitrogen treatment, is cryodestruction. This method is used to remove warts, hemangiomas, molluscum contagiosum, genital warts, corns, keloid scars, skin basal cellomas.

The essence of the method lies in the freezing effect of cryodestruction, when, using a special apparatus, the problem area is sharply cooled to an ultra-low temperature. Thus, the functioning of cells is disrupted, the formation dies off. After using a special apparatus, a small cavity with liquid forms at the site of cauterization. It will subside in a couple of days, and in its place will be a small pink speck. You can notice a positive result of the procedure after two months, when the treated surface is completely healed.

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Cryodestruction is a painless and safe method. The low temperature provides an anesthetic effect. Removal of skin lesions is bloodless. The cryodestruction procedure usually has no negative consequences. The procedure is widely used in children's practice due to the painlessness of the procedure and its good tolerance even for the most capricious children.


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