Face Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy of the face is a safe and painless medical cosmetology procedure designed for the targeted elimination of various skin diseases, as well as solving a number of cosmetic problems. The process consists of exposing the epidermis liquid nitrogen at low temperatures.

Influencing cold cryotherapy exerts antibacterial, whitening, peeling and anti-aging effects, and also reduces inflammation. Due vasospasms stimulated skin oxygenation, increased collagen production and elastane.

At the «Medicina» clinic you can sign up for a cryogenic facial treatment session. The procedure is performed by highly qualified specialists in the field of cosmetology using modern equipment and takes up to 10 minutes.


Code Name Price (RUB)
B01.008.001 Dermatovenerologist consultation, treat/diagn, first, outpatient 7 130
B01.008.001.001 Dermatovenerologist consultation, house call 13 220
B01.008.002 Dermatovenerologist consultation, treat/diagn, follow-up, outpatient 6 600
B01.008.002.001 Dermatologist-Venerologist (Trichologist) consultation, treat/diagn, follow-up, outpatient 6 600
B01.008.007.001 Dermatologist-Venerologist (Trichologist) consultation, treat/diag, first, outpatient. 7 130
B04.008.001 Dermatovenerologist consultation, brief, outpatient 5 090
A24.01.005.003 "Cryotherapy, ""Cryojet"" device - 1 zone" 1 350
A24.01.005.005 "Cryotherapy, ""Cryojet"" device - 2 zones" 2 500
A23.01.002 Intensive treatment of acneiform rush (facial cleansing, application of antiinflammatory masks, cryotherapy) 6 350
A24.01.005.006 Cryotherapy for face and back 1 670
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Indications and contraindications

Cryotherapy is prescribed in cases such as:

  • signs of skin aging (wrinkles, flaccidity, swelling);
  • poor circulation, anemia;
  • expansion of pores;
  • increased fat content;
  • the presence of acne, strains, papillomas;
  • rosacea;
  • scars and various scars.

Cryogenic facials are also recommended in preparation for cleansing, massage, peeling, or as a recovery from Botox injections, dramatic weight loss and plastic surgery.

Before therapy, it is necessary to undergo an examination, since there are contraindications to the procedure:

  • frequent headaches;
  • epilepsy;
  • infectious diseases in the acute form;
  • availability of gynecological disorders;
  • idiosyncrasy cold;
  • vascular pathology;
  • high fever.

Do not neglect a consultation with a doctor - tell about the characteristics of the body to exclude the possibility of harm. In the absence of restrictions procedure is allowed to perform on a regular basis.

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