Facial contour correction

Facial contouring is popular and one of the most demanded procedures in aesthetic medicine. With the help of a beautician, you can correct age-related changes, eliminate pathologies, scars on the face. In this case, changes occur without surgical intervention. Clinic of JSC "Medicine" offers services of contour plastics in Moscow.

Contouring primarily helps to eliminate wrinkles. A special solution is introduced, which quickly and effectively changes the structure of the skin. It becomes smooth, the tone is evened out, even deep folds are eliminated with the help of contour plastics. Most importantly – this procedure is safe.

Indications for facial contouring

Contouring is shown for people who want to eliminate skin imperfections and get rid of age-related changes. With the help of contour plastics you can achieve the following goals:

  • eliminate wrinkles in the mouth area;
  • eliminate crow's feet near the eyes;
  • correct the shape of the face, improve the shape of the nose, chin, lips;
  • increase lip volume;
  • eliminate scar tissue on the skin of the face without surgery;
  • even out deep forehead wrinkles;
  • eliminate fine expression lines around the eyes and lips;
  • to rejuvenate the skin, tighten it.

Facial contouring allows you to return youth and beauty. In combination with other cosmetic procedures, the result will be great. The effect after a single injection of the gel lasts from 6 to 24 months, depending on a number of characteristics of the organism. Thanks to the contouring you can always stay young and hide the signs of aging.


Contouring has a number of contraindications. This procedure is prohibited if there are pathologies and diseases such as:

  • oncological diseases of any type;
  • blood disorders, decreased or increased coagulation;
  • epilepsy;
  • allergic reactions to the drug;
  • fever;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • acute infectious diseases.
  • A cosmetologist in our clinic will make sure that there are no contraindications, and only then will he be able to make contour plastics.
  • Side effects may occur:
  • slight soreness at the injection site;
  • face swelling;
  • face redness;
  • allergic reactions.

In most cases, such effects do not occur during contouring. It depends not only on the type of skin and the reaction of the body, but also on the experience of a specialist. Often, patients who seek such services at home or select the lowest prices possible end up with inexperienced cosmetologists.

However, contouring requires a careful approach and deep knowledge in the field of cosmetology and anatomy. Instruments must also be sterile. Then the result will be good. Therefore, we recommend to undergo such procedures only in professional clinics.

How is facial contouring going?

The specialist conducts an examination and, in the absence of contraindications, prescribes contouring. He selects the necessary dosage of the drug, which ensures the longest possible effect. The main task is to get a natural face shape so that the intervention is not noticeable.

Next, markings are applied to the skin, the face is treated with antiseptics. The drug is injected using a thin needle. The procedure is often painless, but the body can react in different ways, and sometimes mild pain still occurs. Our experts will create the most comfortable environment for you, provide psychological support if necessary. You will also be asked to apply a local anesthetic cream for severe pain.

The duration of this procedure does not exceed 60 minutes. For several days, the patient is advised to give up sports, baths and saunas, as well as alcohol. It is advisable not to get too much exposure to UV rays. Thanks to contouring you will become younger, age-related changes will disappear, your mood will be at its best.

Advantages of the procedure in JSC "Medicine"

  • Convenient location, we are near Mayakovskaya metro station;
  • modern equipment;
  • a comfortable office in which it is comfortable to be;
  • high quality certified products;
  • long lasting effect;
  • plastic surgery is performed 1 time, there is no need to take the course;
  • experienced professionals guaranteeing safety;
  • quick visible effect: already on the 2nd day the face will change, within a week the changes will reach a maximum;
  • contour plastic in our clinic is painless;
  • individual selection of the drug.

Contouring is easily combined with other cosmetic procedures, which you can also get in our clinic. Experts will advise and help you choose procedures that prolong youth and beauty.


Contouring is performed by experienced doctors with special education and skills in this field.

You can carry out the facial contouring procedure in the clinic of Medicina JSC. Call us and find out the cost, as well as other nuances. You can make an appointment at any time, even on holidays and weekends. We are always here for you.


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