MRI of the external genitalia in males

MRI of the external genitalia in males

The external genitals in men often suffer from injuries and various pathologies that disrupt the quality of life and cause a lot of inconvenience. Magnetic resonance imaging of this area is a safe research technique that does not affect sexual activity and fertility.

The power of the MRI apparatus in the Medicina clinic is 3 Tesla. The research is conducted around the clock.

Possibilities of MRI of the external male genital organs

MRI of the external genitalia in men is performed when other diagnostic methods are ineffective. With the help of this study, it is possible to identify pathologies of the testicles, penis. More often than other pathologies, there is a fracture of the penis due to trauma to the membrane of the corpora cavernosa. This pathology is often combined with extensive hematoma, edema, trauma to the urethra and corpus spongiosum. Sometimes such injuries require surgical treatment.

MRI allows you to detect tumors, testicular hemorrhages, pathologies of the corpora cavernosa, testicular rupture - an emergency that requires medical attention. To determine the degree of damage, the magnetic resonance technique is informative and safe. Men are more likely than women to receive damage to the external genital organs. This is due to anatomical features, a tendency to participate in fights, dangerous sports, car races.

The most common pathologies of the external genital organs are:

  • fracture of the penis;
  • scrotal hematoma;
  • testicular rupture;
  • gunshot, knife wounds of the genitals;
  • removing insects.

Indications for MRI of the external genitalia:

  • trauma to the scrotum, penis, scrotum and testicles;
  • pain in the penis;
  • extensive hematoma of the scrotum area;
  • diagnostics of oncological changes.

Contraindications to MRI:

  • the presence of metal healing elements: clips, prostheses, pacemakers;
  • fear of confined space;
  • kidney pathology, allergies (if MRI is performed using contrast).
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