MRI of the knee joint

MRI of the knee joint

Magnetic resonance imaging is a common diagnostic technique used for meniscus injuries, ligament ruptures, fractures and neoplasms that damage the knee joint. The knee is most often injured in everyday life, during sports, running and traveling. After damage to the knee joint, in the absence of effective treatment, cartilage often undergoes degenerative changes.

The power of the MRI apparatus in the clinic of Medicina JSC is 3 Tesla. Research is conducted around the clock.

Knee MRI indications:

  • falls to the knee, accompanied by swelling, pain and limited mobility;
  • sports injuries;
  • stiffness of movements;
  • contraindications to X-ray diagnostics;
  • tumors of the knee joint and surrounding tissues;
  • pinched nerves;
  • rupture of menisci, joint capsule;
  • severe tissue edema, fluid accumulation in the articular cavity;
  • arthritis, arthrosis;
  • dislocations, joint instability;
  • osteochondropathy ;
  • development of inflammatory processes;
  • preparation for surgical operations;
  • control over the effectiveness of the treatment.
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Contraindications to MRI

The list of contraindications depends on whether contrast enhancement is used in MRI or not. The contrast well visualizes tissues with increased blood circulation - tumors, inflamed areas. It also allows you to deal with complex, complex damage. The procedure is performed with contrast on an empty stomach.

But patients with kidney pathologies, decompensated stage of diabetes mellitus, contrast MRI is contraindicated, since drugs for diagnostics for these diseases can be removed from the body with a delay, having a toxic effect. Contraindicated enhancement is also contraindicated in pregnant women and nursing mothers.

MRI without the use of contrast has no strict contraindications. The technique is safe and used in various branches of medicine. The limitation exists for patients with metal elements in the body - a pacemaker, pump, braces, etc. For claustrophobia, an open MRI is used. If there is no equipment of this type in a medical institution, then it is possible to conduct a study in a state of drug-induced sleep.

MRI capabilities

MRI can diagnose the most common diseases of the knee joint area and is often used for accurate diagnosis or when obtaining questionable X-ray results. During an MRI of the knee, even the smallest changes in the joints can be recorded. All structures are visualized, down to the smallest.

The most informative study is to identify pathologies of the meniscus and other soft tissues of the joints, which are rather difficult to determine using other diagnostic methods. With the help of MRI, a lot of disorders can be detected: degenerative changes, hemorrhages, hematomas, the formation of rough scar tissue, tumors and cancerous processes.

Benefits of MRI of the knee joint in the clinic of JSC "Medicine"

  • high quality equipment that is regularly checked;
  • experienced specialists who will correctly and accurately perform an MRI of the knee joint;
  • patient care, support during tomography;
  • detailed analysis and detailed consultation after MRI of the knee joint;
  • complex treatment in the clinic, if necessary;
  • fast recording at a convenient time for you, tomography is performed even on holidays and weekends.

Knee MRI is performed by experienced doctors with extensive experience in this field. You are in the safe hands of professionals who will support you during the procedure and provide you with detailed advice.

The clinic of JSC "Medicine" offers to do an MRI of the knee joint in Moscow at a favorable price. You will receive a professional examination. Call us and find out exactly how the MRI procedure of the knee joint goes, the cost and other details. We work for you on holidays and weekends, make an appointment at a convenient time.


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