MRI of the pelvic organs

MRI of the pelvic organs

MRI of the pelvic organs is a highly informative method for diagnosing diseases of the genitourinary sphere in men and women. The images obtained help to identify pathological processes in this anatomical area at the earliest stage of their development.

The power of the MRI apparatus in the clinic of Medicina JSC is 3 Tesla. The research is conducted around the clock.

Indications for MRI of the small pelvis:

  • diagnostics of cysts, tumors;
  • preparation for gynecological operations;
  • search for polyps of the lower intestine;
  • intestinal trauma;
  • metastasis of tumors of the genital organs to the sacrum, lymph nodes, spine;
  • hyperplasia, prostate cancer;
  • inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs;
  • diagnosis of infertility;
  • anomalies in the development of internal genital organs.

Contraindications to MRI

  • presence of metal parts in tissues: vascular clips in the brain, pacemaker, etc.;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding, allergies, renal failure (with contrast-enhanced MRI);
  • claustrophobia (with bouts of fear that can interfere with the study process, an MRI of the pelvis is shown in a state of sleep).
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Possibilities of MRI of the pelvic organs

Magnetic resonance imaging allows you to study the topographic data, the structure of all tissues and organs located within the small pelvis: the uterus, ovaries, vagina, fallopian tubes, prostate gland, lower spine, vas deferens. The method allows you to study the surrounding tissues, bone structures - the sacrum, blood vessels, lymph nodes, pelvic bones. Due to its good imaging, MRI is used in the diagnosis of cancer.

In women, it can be difficult to recognize cancer due to the anatomical structure of the internal genital organs. MRI, creating layer-by-layer sections, allows you to determine the location, size and structure of the neoplasm at an early stage. Tomography is also used to search for metastases. For more information, it is recommended to do an MRI of the pelvis after ultrasound diagnostics. To confirm metastasis, MRI of the pelvic organs is recommended to conduct a study of the bone structures of the pelvic region. The images obtained on tomography demonstrate the presence of inflammatory processes, traumatic complications, impaired blood flow in the vessels of the pelvic region, cysts, tumors and other diseases.

Advantages of MRI in the clinic of JSC "Medicine"

  • modern equipment is used, which is regularly diagnosed and checked;
  • Pelvic MRI can be done at any time, even on weekends or holidays;
  • making an appointment is simple and fast;
  • experienced doctors will take care of your health during an MRI of the pelvis and will provide psychological support if you have any fears or discomfort;
  • the doctor will thoroughly conduct all the studies and advise, if necessary, prescribe treatment.

If you want to examine organs in detail, we suggest that you contact our clinic and receive high-quality service. Treatment is carried out by the best doctors.


The clinic of Medicina JSC employs experienced specialists who professionally perform MRI of the small pelvis. You will be prepared for the procedure, they will tell you everything, and consult after the examination.

It is easy to make a pelvic tomography in Moscow, call us and make an appointment. Tomography is performed at any time convenient for you, the results are processed as quickly as possible, you will receive full support and advice. If necessary, after the MRI of the small pelvis, the specialist will prescribe treatment and will accompany you until your recovery. Call us and find out the cost, as well as other details of the procedure.


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