MRI of the pituitary gland and sella

Magnetic resonance imaging of the pituitary gland and sella turcica is an effective method for visualizing these brain structures and determining tumor-like processes in them. The Turkish saddle is a specific formation in the sphenoid bone of the human skull. In the center is the pituitary fossa, in which the pituitary gland is located. He is responsible for the biosynthesis of protein, the functions of the corpus luteum and the production of hormonal substances involved in the most important physiological processes.

The power of the MRI apparatus in the Medicina clinic is 3 Tesla. The research is conducted around the clock.

Possibilities of MRI of the Turkish saddle, pituitary gland

MRI allows you to detect pituitary tumors - in an anatomically complex area of ​​diagnosis. At the same time, a study is often carried out and the Turkish saddle. Oncological formations of the pituitary gland (microadenomas, prolactinomas) are often very small in size, which makes it difficult to identify them in other common ways.

In modern medicine, the method of magnetic resonance diagnostics is often used to identify various neoplasms of the pituitary gland, to study their localization, structure, size and prevalence. The data obtained make it possible to make predictions for treatment and select effective medical tactics.

It is most difficult to detect microadenomas of the pituitary gland, which are no more often 8-10 mm in diameter. But modern equipment for MRI allows diagnosing neoplasms ranging in size from 5-6 mm. Contrast enhancement is used to detect pituitary tumors. It expands the capabilities of this diagnostic method, increases the clarity of the image and gives the doctor detailed information about the boundaries of the spread of pathological tissue.

Indications for MRI of the pituitary gland and Turkish saddle:

  • diagnosis of pituitary tumors;
  • empty Turkish saddle;
  • headaches;
  • violation of the level of pituitary hormones in the blood;
  • the appearance of symptoms of pituitary pathologies.

Contraindications to MRI of the pituitary gland and Turkish saddle

Since the study of the Turkish saddle by means of magnetic resonance imaging is carried out mainly with contrast enhancement, the technique is contraindicated:

  • pregnant, lactating women;
  • patients with diabetes mellitus in the decompensated stage and kidney pathologies;
  • people with hypersensitivity to contrast media.

Patients who are claustrophobic can be diagnosed while asleep or have an open MRI scan. The absolute contraindication of magnetic resonance therapy includes the presence of metal structures (prostheses, pacemakers) in the human body. MRI of the Turkish saddle is used if there is a suspicion of tumor-like processes in this area. 


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