MRI of the spine

MRI of the spine

Spine diseases are common today. This problem not only brings discomfort in the back, but is also reflected by painful sensations in the head, as well as in the upper and lower extremities. Pathological changes in the spinal column can take away from a person the opportunity to live a full life, work effectively, do all kinds of sports, and travel.

To establish an accurate diagnosis and identify the source of back pain, the doctor directs the patient to an MRI of the spine with contrast. With the help of magnetic resonance imaging, you can get very accurate information about the state of the bone elements and the surrounding soft tissues. The procedure is safe, does not cause painful sensations, has practically no contraindications, and is carried out with and without contrast. With an MRI of the backbone, you can perform a complete examination of the entire spine, individual vertebrae, the lumbar sacral region, and also examine the spinal cord. Having received high-quality images of joints, cartilage, soft tissues, the attending physician will assess the pathological foci and determine the patient's condition. A referral for an MRI does not necessarily mean you have a medical condition - your doctor may want to check your health status.

MRI of the spine and spinal cord can diagnose:

  • various anatomical disorders;
  • thinning, flattening of the intervertebral disc;
  • damage and pathology of the bone marrow;
  • protrusion (displacement of the nucleus pulposus of the disc without rupture of the outer shell) and hernia (protrusion of the gelatinous body with rupture of the annulus fibrosus);
  • infectious diseases of the spine;
  • butterfly vertebrae;
  • tumors in the early stages, cysts, etc.

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Scanning and evaluating individual areas or the entire spine varies in cost.

* You will receive all detailed information about the cost of the service at a consultation with a doctor.

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Indications for mandatory MRI of the spine

The result of the procedure will affect the final and more detailed diagnosis of the disease and will help to choose an effective therapeutic therapy. The examination is prescribed by the attending physician and is recommended for patients who have:

  • persistent headaches and dizziness;
  • feeling of stiffness in the movement in the spine;
  • back pain flowing to the arms and legs;
  • painful sensations during physical activity or normal walking.

Also, magnetic resonance imaging of the spinal column is recommended for prophylaxis, with injuries or previous operations in this area. MRI allows you to track the rehabilitation process and prevent possible complications.


The MRI procedure is not recommended for patients with:

  1. claustrophobia (inform your doctor about this, he will be able to choose a gentle way of examination for you);
  2. magnetic or metal shards, staples or clamps in tissues or vessels;
  3. implanted implants;
  4. severe clinical condition of the patient;
  5. pregnancy (first trimester);
  6. elevated temperature (39 C);
  7. overweight over 120 kg and volume over 110 cm in diameter.

Tell your doctor about any existing diseases and implanted systems for a safe procedure.

Test procedure

Patients who are prescribed an MRI are always worried about how the procedure will go. Indeed, to get accurate results, you need to properly prepare for the examination. It is not necessary to carry out special preparation; a person can continue to follow the usual regime without changing the diet. MRI of the spine and spinal cord does not differ from the study of other areas. First, all metallic objects are removed, since they will interfere with the operation of the device, then you need to lie down on a sliding table. While inside the scanner, it is important to lie still and remain calm. During the session, the doctor communicates with the patient via audio communication to ensure the client's comfort and well-being.

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