Gynecological Surgery

The Department of Gynecology of the JSC "Medicina" clinic is engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of the female reproductive system. The scope of the center includes such pathologies as:

  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • thrush;
  • cervical erosion;
  • ovarian cysts;
  • trauma to the pelvic floor;
  • prolapse of the uterus;
  • endometriosis;
  • sarcoma of the uterus;
  • gynecologic cancer, etc.

The services of the department also include pregnancy support and the IVF program (in vitro fertilization).


Code Name Price (RUB)
B01.001.001 Obstetrician/Gynecologist (district) consultation, treat/diagn, first, outpatient 6790
B01.001.001.002 Obstetrician/Gynecologist (district) consultation, treat/diagn, first, house call 12590
B01.001.002 Obstetrician/Gynecologist (district) consultation, treat/diagn, follow-up, outpatient 6290
B01.001.002.002 Obstetrician/Gynecologist (district) consultation, follow-up, house call 12590
B01.001.003.001 Visit to the obstetrician-gynecologist with the Ultrasound examination, initial 11490
B01.001.003.002 Visit to the obstetrician-gynecologist with the Ultrasound examination, repeated 10990
B01.001.004 Obstetrician/Gynecologist (district) consultation for pregnancy, first, outpatient 7790
B01.001.005 Obstetrician/Gynecologist (district) consultation for complicated pregnancy, brief, outpatient 6790
B01.057.001 Surgeon consultation, treat/diagn, first, outpatient 6790
B01.057.001.001 Surgeon consultation, house call 12590
B01.057.002 Surgeon consultation, treat/diagn, follow-up, outpatient 6290
B01.057.003 Consultation of plastic surgeon, initial 6790
B01.057.004 Repeated consultation (examination) of the plastic surgeon 6290
B04.001.001 Obstetrician/Gynecologist (district) consultation, brief, outpatient 4990
B04.057.001 Surgeon consultation, brief, outpatient 4990
A03.20.001 Extended coloposcopy 3240
A03.20.003.002 Echohysterosalpingography 17410
A06.20.001.002 Gynecologist monitoring during hysterosalpingography 11140
A06.20.006 Hydrotubation with medications 6710
A11.20.001 Testicular aspiration biopsy 39360
A11.20.001.001 Percutaneous epoophoron spermatosoid aspiration (PEZA) 44450
A11.20.002 Cervical canal dilation 390
A11.20.003.001 Pipel-service 9630
A11.20.008.001 Uterine curettage, therapeutic-diagnostic 18390
A11.20.008.002 Cervical canal curettage 9410
A11.20.009 Зондирование матки 1730
A11.20.009.001 Бужирование цервикального канала 6380
A11.20.012 Therapeutic bath 1730
A11.20.013 Application of medications, tampon administration 1510
A11.20.014 Intrauterine device administration (IUD) 15570
A11.20.015 IUD removal 15570
A11.20.017.001 Female patient preparation for cryoprotocol 23260
A11.20.017.002 Oocyte vitrification 26820
A11.20.017.003 Attempt of in vitro fertilization 41190
A11.20.017.010 Стимуляция суперовуляции 25630
A11.20.017.011 Попытка интрацитоплазматической инъекции сперматозоида в яйцеклетку 97880
A11.20.019.001 Ovulation stimulation 17080
A11.20.019.002 Puncture of follicles under intravenous anesthesia 58830
A11.20.019.003 Puncture of ovary follicles, under IV anesthesia 31790
A11.20.027.001 After-payment for ICSI 57630
A11.20.027.002 Embryologic part of IVF (one attempt) 42490
A11.20.027.003 Embryologic part of ICSI attempt (one attempt) 101990
A11.20.028 Embryo cultivation > 3 days 16770
A11.20.030 Embryo transfer to the uterine cavity 12980
A11.20.030.001 Transfer of embryos to the uterine cavity and diagnosis of pregnancy 45190
A11.20.031.001 Cryopreservation (additional 2 embryos) 5840
A11.20.032 Sperm cryoconservation (1 ml) 20330
A11.20.032.001 Storage of cryopreserved material for 1 month 5190
A11.20.032.002 Storage of cryopreserved material for 6 months 12980
A11.20.032.003 Embryo defreezing 23260
A11.20.032.004 Cryopreserved biological material storage within 1 year 23040
A11.21.001.001 Donor sperm 22490
A11.30.010 Embryo biopsy (up to 4) 53640
A11.30.010.001 Each subsequent embryo biopsy 14270
A11.30.020.001 Artificial insemination 38490
A12.21.002.001 MAR-test (antisperm antibody study) 2590
A14.20.001 Vaginal sanation 1730
A14.20.002 Administration, removal of the vaginal supporting ring (pessary) 3890
A16.20.029.001 Clitoroplasty (price of the medicinal product included) 37320
A16.20.029.002 G-spot augmentation (price of the medicinal product included) 37320
A16.20.030.001 Labiaplasty (price of the medicinal product included) 37320
A16.20.030.002 Perineoplasty (price of the medicinal product included) 37320
A16.20.030.003 Введение гиалуроновой кислоты с целью лечения рубцово-атрофических изменений в интимной зоне 23040
A16.20.036.005 Cervix electrocautery 7340
A16.20.055 Suturing of cervix, vagina, perineum 7340
A16.20.059 Vaginal foreign body removal 3990
A16.20.060 Hymen restoration 53540
A16.20.084.002 Polypectomy 6060
A16.20.090.001 Послеоперационная обработка шейки матки, влагалища, снятие швов 1630
A16.20.104 Нитевая перинеопластика 102210
A20.20.003 Лечение вульвовагинита 1410
A24.20.001 Cryodestruction for benign lesions 5730
B01.001.001.003 Contraception and family planning consultation 2590
B01.003.004.124 Paracervical anesthesia 2160
B03.001.005.001 Subcutaneous administration of hormonal contraceptive Implanon 26390
B03.001.005.002 Removal of Implanon hormonal contraceptive 7230
B03.053.002.001 Ejaculate microscopy 4550
A11.20.011 Cervix biopsy 20580
A11.20.011.001 "Cervical biopsy, apparatus ""Surgitron""" 21960
A11.20.011.002 "Treatment of cervical pathology - conization with use of ""Surgitron""" 63870
A11.20.044 Pelvic lesion puncture 23240
A16.20.030 Vaginal plasty 43710
A16.20.036.001 Cervix conization 31190
A16.20.036.006 "Treatment of cervical pathology with use of ""Surgitron""" 42860
A16.20.036.007 Excision of cyst, papilloma, and polyps using Surgitronr 1st category 10930
A16.20.036.008 Excision of cyst, papilloma, and polyps using Surgitronr 2nd category 21860
A16.20.036.009 Excision of cyst, papilloma, and polyps using Surgitronr 3rd category 32780
A16.20.037 Abortion 65880
A16.20.037.001 Surgical treatment for non-progressing pregnancy 65880
A16.20.037.003 Miniabortion 44560
A16.20.059.004 Vaginal cyst excision 54740
A16.20.068 Plastic surgery for labia minora, unilateral 53470
A16.20.084 Papilloma, polyp excision 18040
A16.20.084.001 Condyloma acuminatum excision 16760
A16.20.091.001 Bartholin's abscess incision and drainage 18040
A16.28.086 Urethral polyp excision 11670
B03.001.005 Pharmacologic abortion 43490
A03.20.003.005 Hysteroscopy (urgent) 53030
A11.20.008.003 Separate diagnostic curettage of the uterus (planned) 25250
A11.20.008.004 Separate diagnostic curettage of the uterus (emergency) 42530
A16.06.019 Lymphadenectomy during laparoscopic surgery 31510
A16.20.001 Laparoscopic electrocautery for ovarian cyst 17080
A16.20.001.002 Laparoscopic resection of the ovarian cyst (urgent) 175050
A16.20.001.003 Laparoscopic resection of the ovarian cyst (unilateral) 115640
A16.20.001.004 Laparoscopic resection of the ovarian cyst (bilateral) 200510
A16.20.002.001 Laparoscopic adnexectomy 121990
A16.20.003.001 Laparoscopic surgery for extrauterine pregnancy (urgent) 190950
A16.20.003.007 Omentum resection during laparoscopoc surgery 31510
A16.20.004.001 Laparoscopic removal of one tubal hydatid 8490
A16.20.007 Plastic surgery for cervix according to Emmet 67580
A16.20.010.002 Hysterectomy with salpingo-oophorectomy 157010
A16.20.010.003 Laparoscopic hysterectomy with salpingo-oophorectomy 166560
A16.20.010.004 Supravaginal uterine resection with salpingo-oophorectomy 121990
A16.20.011.008 Laparoscopic excision of retrocervical endometriosis 60690
A16.20.011.010 Laparoscopic cystovariectomy 121990
A16.20.017.001 Salpingo-oophorectomy (urgent) 135790
A16.20.026.001 Laparoscopic surgery: restoration of the tubal potency (bilateral), pelvic adhesiotomy 200510
A16.20.026.002 Laparoscopic surgery: restoration of the tubal potency (unilateral), pelvic adhesiotomy 121990
A16.20.028.002 Posterior vaginal plasty 42530
A16.20.028.003 Anterior vaginal plasty 42530
A16.20.035 Conservative myomectomy 43280
A16.20.035.002 Laparoscopic conservative myomectomy (<2 cm) 86780
A16.20.035.003 Laparoscopic conservative myomectomy (>2 cm) 121990
A16.20.037.002 Medicinal abortions <12 weeks of pregnancy 22590
A16.20.041 Tubal sterilization 34790
A16.20.041.002 Laparoscopic tubectomy 121990
A16.20.060.001 Cosmetic hymenal plasty 34790
A16.20.061 Unilateral ovarian resection 60690
A16.20.061.004 Unilateral ovarian resection (urgent) 91130
A16.20.063.018 Plastic surgery for cervix according to Stundorf 67580
A16.20.094 Hysterectomy without adnexa 138980
A16.20.094.001 Laparoscopic hysterectomy without salpingo-oophorectomy 173990
A16.20.099 Conservative myomectomy 43280
A16.21.010 Adnexal removal 90280
A16.30.036 Endometriosis site cautery 60690

Gynecologist's appointment and treatment methods

Diagnostics, invasive and minimally invasive procedures are carried out both on an outpatient basis and in a hospital. Reception of the gynecologist begins with a conversation with the patient. Next, the doctor conducts a general examination. If necessary, a more accurate and complete diagnosis of the patient will be directed to laboratory and instrumental methods of research, including endoscopic study, ultrasound, etc. Thanks to modern equipment, specialists of the gynecology department can recognize diseases at early stages before the appearance of clinical manifestations. Based on the results of the admission, therapy is prescribed.

In gynecology, treatment methods can be of various types - from physiotherapy to laparoscopic procedures. All conditions for a comfortable stay are created for patients in the department. During rehabilitation, the gynecologist monitors the condition of the person until complete recovery.

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Indications for visiting a doctor

Some diseases of the organs of the reproductive system may not appear immediately, it is recommended to undergo a preventive examination by a gynecologist once a year. Also, you should see your doctor if you experience the following symptoms:

  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • unusual discharge or bleeding from the vagina;
  • irregular, scanty, heavy, or painful periods;
  • pain or itching in the vagina;
  • discomfort during intercourse;
  • vaginal dryness and hot flashes during menopause, etc.

You should visit a gynecologist for the selection of contraceptives, to manage pregnancy or in the absence of its occurrence during the year with regular unprotected sex.

The most optimal period for visiting a specialist is 5-9 days after the end of menstruation. When preparing for an inspection, you must follow several rules:

  • Shower and wear fresh underwear on the day of your procedure. You should not use any perfumed accessories for intimate hygiene - just warm water without douching and thorough rinsing is enough. This can disrupt the vaginal microflora, and the doctor will not see the full picture of what is happening..
  • For 2-3 days, do not enter into intimacy, do not drink alcoholic beverages and, preferably, exclude antibiotics, because all this is reflected in the state of the mucous membrane.
  • Empty your bladder and bowels immediately before the examination. Otherwise, it will be difficult to relax and painful sensations will be felt.

Do not postpone your visit to the doctor - make an appointment with the gynecologist at JSC "Medicina" Clinic (Professor Roytberg Clinic) by phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 775-73-60.


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