Thyroid ultrasound

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland is a safe and painless way to examine the state of an organ. The patient does not experience discomfort, does not receive radiation exposure. This study allows the specialist to see the whole picture as a whole about the state of the organ and make the correct diagnosis.

In the clinic of academician Roytberg, you can scan the thyroid gland using ultrasonography (usg) at any time convenient for you by appointment. Our medical center is equipped with the latest ultrasound scanners and can detect changes in organ structure and neoplasms from 1 mm.

Diseases of the thyroid gland usually manifest with characteristic symptoms:

  • sleep disturbances;
  • memory impairment, decreased concentration;
  • pressure surges;
  • shaking hands;
  • arrhythmia and tachycardia;
  • heavy sweating;
  • decreased libido;
  • menstrual irregularities;
  • feeling of a lump in the throat when swallowing;
  • frequent mood swings;
  • unexplained tiredness and apathy;
  • changes in weight up or down;
  • swelling of the skin;
  • hair loss.

Among other things, a malfunction of the thyroid gland is disguised as a variety of other diseases. To make the correct diagnosis, an ultrasound of an organ is often prescribed along with a set of tests for:

  • weakening of immunity
  • neurological disorders
  • gynecological dysfunctions
  • dermatological problems
  • violation of potency.

Inflammation of the thyroid gland usually occurs with a subfebrile temperature (37–37.5 ° C). But the patient often does not notice her and learns this detail only at a doctor's appointment or during hospitalization.

Indications for ultrasound of the thyroid gland

For proper control of your own body, an ultrasound of the thyroid gland must be performed annually, especially for women after 35 years. In adulthood, the risk of organ malfunction increases many times.

In addition to obvious or latent changes in the patient's condition, ultrasound of the thyroid gland is recommended for people:

  • with unfavorable heredity;
  • living in regions with iodine deficiency;
  • taking hormonal drugs for a long time;
  • working in hazardous industries and living in ecologically disadvantaged areas;
  • pregnant women.

In the case of previously diagnosed illness of the thyroid gland, the attending physician will prescribe an echography. This is primarily necessary to assess the results of treatment or to correct it. For example, in the case of hard nodules, colloid cysts or hypervascular formations, follicular adenoma, autoimmune subacute thyroiditis, or thyrotoxicosis.

Contraindications to thyroid ultrasound

A sonogram is a safe procedure that has no contraindications.

If you have an individual reaction to the conductive gel used to treat the skin during the procedure, be sure to inform your doctor about it.

In the table you can see the prices for echography services:

Name Price (RUB)
Ultrasound of the thyroid gland 3775
Primary outpatient endocrinologist appointment 4200
Endocrinologist repeated outpatient appointment 4000

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