Urinary incontinence treatment

The modern rhythm of life requires you to always be at your best, which is very difficult to do if you feel embarrassed due to urinary incontinence. This problem can be encountered at any age. It manifests itself in the constant need to go to the toilet, the feeling of wet laundry at the most inopportune moment and the fear that others might hear the smell.

It is women, due to their anatomical structure, that are susceptible to this disease. But this does not mean that you just have to accept this state of affairs. Clinic Medicina JSC offers effective treatment of urgency and stress urinary incontinence.

Who needs urinary incontinence treatment and when

Until recently, it was believed that urinary incontinence is a problem in the elderly. We can say for sure that because of the anatomical features, she worries women more often than men. However, there are a number of diseases in which incontinence manifests itself as a side effect. Even taking certain medications can also trigger a sudden emptying of the bladder.

In reality, young women are also not immune to the problem. It often occurs after childbirth, especially difficult. If the fetus is too large, the pelvic floor muscles are overstretched or torn. As a result, specialist help will be needed to restore normal bladder function.

Whatever underlies the development of the disease, JSC "Medicine" (the clinic of Academician Roytberg) will certainly help to establish a normal life for each patient. For some, a lifestyle change will be enough, for others, drug therapy or surgery will help. The method will be chosen based on the individual indications of each woman.

What you need to know about incontinence: indications and contraindications

Incontinence is a condition in which the bladder cannot be controlled. However, there are several reasons for its failure. There are three types of incontinence in total:

  • stressful;
  • urgent;
  • mixed.

In the first case, there is an involuntary leakage of a portion of urine during any action that increases intra-abdominal pressure. It is enough to cough a little, run or laugh for the discomfort to manifest itself in full. A characteristic feature is the complete absence of the urge to urinate. This is due to a decrease in the tone of the pelvic floor with the subsequent prolapse of the internal organs. Any stressful situation becomes a trigger.

People with irritable bladder syndrome have to constantly find out where the nearest toilet is. Since they have such a strong urge that it is simply impossible to reach him. He received the name "imperative" or "imperative". In this case, any stimuli from the outside become provoking factors. The bladder becomes so overactive that it can respond to the slightest stimulus.

Whatever the reason for the disease, you do not need to try to hide it and suffer from uncomfortable sensations. The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you can return to your usual lifestyle.

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Peculiarities of treatment of urinary incontinence in the clinic of JSC "Medicine": how it goes and the methods used

There are several treatment options in our clinic. Your doctor will select a specific method, taking into account the results of preliminary diagnostics.

What is conservative therapy

This method aims to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. For this, both special exercises and hormone therapy are used. Magnetic stimulation and biofeedback therapy have also proven themselves very positively.

Features of drug treatment

Includes the intake of medications, the action of which is aimed at suppressing certain receptors of the nervous system. A very effective method for the treatment of an overactive bladder, especially when combined with bladder training. It has been proven that the maximum effectiveness of such treatment is observed in patients with an urgent type of urinary incontinence.

Surgical intervention

The modern approach to eliminating urinary incontinence with – TVT-O surgery – is very effective. The essence of the method is that under anesthesia, a sling mesh is carried out under the middle urethra, tightened and fixed to the tissues. After a short postoperative period, you can forget about the problem of urinary incontinence.

Laser treatment refers to minimally invasive methods and is a procedure of hardware exposure. In this case, the parameters for the intervention are selected individually for each patient, taking into account the characteristics of the organism.
Plus laser treatment in the complete absence of pain. The duration of a session rarely exceeds 15 minutes, and the duration of the course of treatment is calculated on an individual basis.

Which doctors treat urinary incontinence

The following specialists deal with incontinence:

  • therapist (primary care physician);
  • gynecologist (doctor who specializes in solving problems related to the female reproductive system);
  • proctologist (a doctor who deals with the elimination of malfunctions of the anus and rectum);
  • urologist (deals with problems of the urinary system);
  • physiotherapist.

We offer comprehensive diagnostics, which significantly speeds up the diagnosis and allows you to choose the most effective treatment for each specific case.

What is a comprehensive diagnostic approach? This approach includes a combination of gynecological, X-ray and ultrasound examinations. This allows you to fully assess the condition of the genitals, as well as the anatomy of the pelvic organs. The use of magnetic resonance imaging is also sometimes indicated, especially in controversial cases.


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What our clients get: the benefits of treatment in the clinic of JSC "Medicine"

Our patients, who have already undergone a course of procedures in the clinic of JSC "Medicine", noted the following results:

  • psychological discomfort has completely disappeared and after treatment it is not scary to visit crowded places and engage in vigorous activity;
  • after treatment, all unpleasant symptoms disappear completely, allowing you to live the same life;
  • no complications were found after treatment;
  • emotional brightness appears in intimate relationships;
  • a course of procedures improves the muscle tone of the pelvic floor, which is necessary when planning a pregnancy.


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