Urolithiasis treatment

Urolithiasis or urolithiasis is a disease characterized by the formation of stones in the organs of the urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder).

The most common form of urolithiasis is nephrolithiasis, that is, the formation of kidney stones. The disease can occur at any age, but more often in adults (regardless of gender).

Depending on the predominance of the chemical in the composition of the stones, several types of urolithiasis are distinguished: calcium, urate, oxalate and mixed.

Diagnosis of urolithiasis, in addition to laboratory tests, includes various instrumental types of research such as ultrasound, computed tomography, they make it possible to detect a stone and determine its localization, size, quantity.

In addition, the examination makes it possible to identify possible complications: obstruction of the urinary tract, the presence of an inflammatory process, as well as to establish the type and form of urolithiasis.

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Symptoms of the disease

The main symptom of the disease is severe pain of varying intensity, depending on the location and size of the stone. Sometimes the pain can be so unbearable that pain relievers are required.

If the stone is in the lower third of the ureter, then the pain can be given to the genitals, there is a false urge to urinate. Sometimes during renal colic, blood is found in the urine.

Treatment of urolithiasis

Treatment of kidney stones depends on the size of the stone, its location, the type of urolithiasis, the presence of complications and the functional state of the kidneys.

If there is a suspicion of a disease, treatment is prescribed by a urologist

In the urological department of JSC "Medicine" (the clinic of Academician Roytberg), modern methods of diagnostics, conservative and surgical treatment of urolithiasis, recognized by the world medical community, are used.


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