Olga Vul

Oncologist (chemotherapy)

Physician Oncologist, member of the Russian Society of Clinical Oncology (RUSSCO) and Russian Society of Oncomammologists

Length of employment 18 year old

Educational background

Worked as ENT-doctor for 7 years after graduation from Ivanovo State Medical Institute. Received a certificate in Clinical Oncology in 2001.

Practical experience

Has been employed clinical oncologist since 2002. She was a oncologist-chemotherapist in inpatient settings at the Norilsk Municipal Hospital from 2004 and the head of the Oncohematologic Chemotherapy Department at Norilsk Municipal Hospital from 2006.

Job training: 
  • Gained Highest Qualification Category in 2008; 
  • Confirmed her qualification in 2013.

Field of scientific and practical interests

Pharmacotherapy of cancers: chemotherapy, hormone therapy, target therapy.

Has been working as an oncologist of the Department of Chemotherapy at the JSC Medicina (Academician Roytberg’s Clinic) since 2013. Knows international standards on pharmacotherapy of cancers. Has extensive experience in providing chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients with different tumor localizations.

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