Differences between Sputnik V and other vaccines

At the moment, several vaccines against coronavirus are available to people at once, so a difficult question arises - which one to choose. All of them are newly developed, which does not make the task easier. Still, the Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19 is heard more than the others. Let's try to find differences between "Sputnik V" and other drugs.

Composition and principle of action

Sputnik V is a vector vaccine containing two strains of human adenoviruses. These adenoviruses cause diseases well known to us, which we are accustomed to refer to as ARVI.

The drug is administered in two stages. The effectiveness of the action is, according to various sources, 91-97%. It is one of the three Covid vaccines in the world that are more than 90% effective. It has been proven that this drug forms immunity to coronavirus for 9 months, but it is expected that the effect will last at least two years.

The “EpiVacCorona” vaccine is a peptide vaccine made of artificial materials that mimic coronavirus particles. The expected effect from it is one year.

The "KoviVac" vaccine is a whole-virion inactivated vaccine, it contains a real destroyed coronavirus. This vaccine is made according to the classic technology that was used in the last century. Its effectiveness is the lowest, at 85%, and the expected duration has not yet been specified.

Experts' opinions

According to the researchers, the main advantage of "Sputnik V" is in the most persistent and long-lasting immune response. It is made using technology that minimizes the risk of complications.

Sputnik V is administered in 2 stages to create memory cells and avoid blood clots. The probability of thrombus formation with the introduction of this drug tends to 0. This result was not achieved by any other domestic or foreign vaccines.

Another important difference between Sputnik V and other drugs is that during the tests, the vast majority of the recorded adverse reactions were mild. More serious side effects have been reported with other vaccines tested. In total, the likelihood of side effects "Sputnik V" is 15%.

The advantage of "Sputnik V" is also in the manufacturing technology itself. This technology is well studied and has been tested many times on other drugs. Vaccines on this basis have been used for over 50 years. At the same time, some foreign drugs are manufactured on revolutionary platforms, so their effect on the body, especially in the long term, is impossible to predict.