Coronavirus diagnosis

In the center of COVID-diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in JSC «Medicine» (Clinic of Academician Roitberg) one can daily undergo comprehensive diagnostics for coronavirus on a paid basis. Detection of SARS-CoV-2 and also the presence of antibodies are carried out on the basis of laboratory and instrumental tests: diagnostics of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), enzyme immunoassay (ELISA). The doctor will make a differential diagnosis during the appointment for the purpose of collecting information about the patient and exclusion of concomitant diseases. Then he will schedule an examination and give recommendations for the prevention of infection.


Laboratory tests

Diagnostic tests of COVID-19 in the laboratory of the clinic are carried out in two ways.

A PCR-study is carried out by testing a patient's swab from the nose or pharynx to detect the presence of a virus in the body. In case of a negative result of the test accompanied by signs of coronavirus infection, the test will be repeated.

ELISA - diagnosis of a patient's blood to detect antibodies to the disease. The test results are judged by the number of immunoglobulins. The indicator IgM reflects whether a person is sick now or not. According to the level of IgG it is possible to detect whether the patient has suffered disease and also detect whether the body protects antibodies from the virus.

X-ray in clinical conditions

The detection of signs of pneumonia in a person against the background of coronavirus infection becomes the reason for doctors to take a series of X-ray images. In infected patients, an accumulation of infiltrate is found in both lungs (in rare cases, only in one). With persistent symptoms of pneumonia and the absence of foci of infiltration in the images, the child or adult is assigned a computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.

Small patients are faced with a mild form of pneumonia against the background of coronavirus. Abnormalities can go unnoticed on x-rays, which can lead to a misdiagnosis. For this reason, children are referred for computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging without prior radiography.


If the patient has a temperature below 38 ° C and saturation is normal, the patient is recommended to undergo preliminary radiography. CT scan or MRI is prescribed to the child or adult in case of the presence of persistent symptoms of pneumonia and the absence of foci of infiltration in the images. This allows to examine carefully the structure of the airway and detect possible injuries at an early stage.

Differential diagnostics

Coronavirus pneumonia in the early stages does not differ from other infectious respiratory diseases. The basis of differential diagnosis is the collection of information about the patient's contacts and movements within the country or abroad. In case of detecting pneumonia in a group of people, tests are carried out for adenoviral or microplasmas infections.

Patients can take tests at home in addition to the examination at the medical center. To make an appointment for a comprehensive diagnostics of coronavirus in JSC «Medicina» Clinic (Professor Roytberg Clinic) call the phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 775-73-60.


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